Iren Group Sustainability policy

The Sustainability Policy defines – consistently with the mission, vision and Code of Ethics – Iren's approach toward ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors which are deemed “material” for the Group, and the will to base the Group's sustainable development on the principles of business ethics, continuous improvement, as well as criteria of management efficiency and economy.


Iren’s Sustainability Policy is oriented towards:

  • supporting the strategic choices - including the governance of risks, opportunities and impacts - that are operationally articulated in the Strategic Plan;
  • creating the framework for specific corporate management policies;
  • improving the ESG risk management process;
  • facilitating the non-financial reporting process;
  • increasing the level of knowledge and awareness of the expected outcomes regarding the material topics;
  • spreading the culture of sustainability.


The Sustainability Policy guides Iren Group in the development of sustainability objectives and related actions by considering the expectations of stakeholders - identified and analysed in the materiality analysis process -, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Global Compact Principles. 


For this reason, the Group adopts a strategic planning model oriented toward the definition and achievement of medium- and long-term objectives, which integrates the analysis of current and emerging social and environmental phenomena, and a system for managing all risks that could affect the achievement of objectives aimed at their prevention or mitigation and accompanied by continuous supervision and control.


The Strategic Plan is the programmatic document through which the Group implements the commitments and principles set out in the Sustainability Policy. 



Download Iren Sustainability Policy

Download Iren Sustainability Policy