Iren Group is committed to creating, strengthening and expanding its relationships with its stakeholders to guarantee them ample space for discussion and dialogue. The criteria for stakeholder engagement are aimed at inclusion, transparency, fairness, focus on ethical, environmental and social issues and consistency with the activities of the Group. Dialogue is based on the principles of inclusiveness, materiality and compliance laid down in the AccountAbility1000 standard in order to address and responsibly respond to issues and impacts.

The main stakeholder categories of the Iren Group

Main stakeholder categories

Local Committees

Local Committees represent an innovative channel for dialogue and discussion between the Iren Group and all local community stakeholders regarding the company’s services and issues of environmental and social sustainability.

It is a real working tool to collect ideas, proposals, comments and observations to improve the Group’s services by designing, together with citizens, innovative solutions and for a sustainable development of the territory.

Through the platform, citizens, associations and Institutions of the reference territories can address proposals and projects to the Committees. This tool encourages active behavior to produce feasible solutions and operational projects, creates new opportunities for listening and collaborating with citizens and allows for the adoption of innovative service strategies by anticipating the needs of the territory.

The Committees are set up on a provincial basis and correspond to the geographical areas where Iren services are provided, i.e.:

Relations with shareholders and investors 

Iren Group is constantly committed to creating, strengthening and expanding adequate spaces for listening and dialogue with shareholders and investors, oriented towards transparency, fairness, ethical, environmental and social issues, and consistency with its core business.

Investors and lenders 

Iren has a transparent and timely dialogue with investors, who are increasingly attentive to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Associations and networks of which the Group is a member

Iren Group has chosen the path of associative participation, which aims to put experience and knowledge at the service of companies and organisations that share a common path of sustainability and responsibility. 

Iren people

The development and enhancement of skills, involvement, inclusion, and health and safety of workers are essential to the growth and realisation of strategic goals.

Priority topics for our stakeholders 

Materiality analysis is the principle for identifying aspects, relevant to the company and its stakeholders, that significantly affect the ability to create value over time, i.e. material topics that “represent the organisation’s most significant impacts on the economy, environment and people, including impacts on their human rights”. Materiality thus ensures, the connection of priority issues with the Group's strategy and ensures that they are considered the expectations of different stakeholders.




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