Dialogue, discussion and collaboration

Local Committees represent an innovative channel for dialogue, discussion and planning between the Iren Group and all local community stakeholders regarding the company’s services and issues of environmental and social sustainability.


A real working tool to collect ideas, proposals, comments and observations with one goal: to improve the Group’s services by designing, together with citizens, innovative solutions and for a sustainable development of the territory.


Through the irencollabora.it platform, citizens, associations and Institutions of reference territories can address proposals and projects to the Committees. This tool encourages active behavior to produce feasible solutions and operational projects, creates new opportunities for listening and collaborating with citizens and allows for the adoption of innovative service strategies by anticipating the needs of the area.


The Committees are set up on a provincial basis and correspond to the geographical areas where Iren services are provided. Each Committee is composed of a maximum of 23 members, 15 of which are appointed by Associations and civil society organisations (18 in the case of provinces with a population of over 800,000 inhabitants). In addition to these, there are 5 ex-officio members: the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson of Iren, a representative of the capital city, a representative of the municipalities of the province served by Iren and a representative of the local University. The identification of the members representing the segments of the territory takes place through the publication of a notice by Iren to which all the Associations and the segments of civil society can apply.


The activities entrusted to the Local Committees

  • Collect requests and reports from citizens, associations, municipalities on issues relating to Iren Group services and to environmental and social sustainability issues and to screen such requests on the basis of general interest or particular relevance, ensuring that they are adequately addressed
  • Propose and analyse the proposed projects, also through the online platform Iren Collabora, assess their interest and feasibility and implement them, based on priorities and social and environmental impacts
  • Collect information on the services provided by Iren
  • Organise meetings with representatives of Iren to discuss and investigate problems of general interest in the context of relations with users
  • Organise, in collaboration with the Iren Group, meetings or seminars on specific topics in order to disseminate and share as much information as possible on the public services provided, as well as tariffs, regulations and distribution methods. The calendar of Committee meetings and minutes can be found in the Committee section of each territory.





Submit your ideas with Iren Collabora!

The goal? Generate concrete and tangible projects. Make proposals and participate by posting contributions on open issues or discussions within your Committee.