Organisational chart

The Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Board Committees and the Delegated Bodies, on which the corporate functions and Business Units depend, constitute an integrated model in which roles and responsibilities are defined and which ensures that risks and opportunities arising from the economic, social and environmental context are considered in relevant corporate decision-making processes and managed in operations. 

The Shareholders’ Meeting

The Board of Directors

The Control, Risk and
Sustainability Committee



Luca Dal Fabbro

Communications and
External Relations

Francesco Castellone


Enrico Pochettino

Corporate Secretariat

Susanna Austa

Merger and Acquisition

Anna Tanganelli

Public Affairs

Marta Asquasciati


Bumbolo Jean Sebastien

Remunaration and
Appointments Commitee


Chief Executive

Paolo Emilio Signorini

Business development

Stefano Zuelli

Regulatory Affairs

Alessandro Cecchi

Administration, Finance
and Control

Anna Tanganelli

Procurement, Logistics
and Services

Vito Gurrieri

Legal Affairs

Massimiliano Abramo

Personnel and

Alessandro Rusciano

Strategic Project
and permitting

Sandro Baraggioli

Information Technology
and Systems

Andrea Beccuti

Business Unit
Waste Management

Eugenio Bertolini

Business Unit 

Giuseppe Bergesio

Business Unit

Gianluca Bufo

Business Unit 

Fabio Giuseppini

Territorial services development

Committee for Transactions
with Related Parties


Deputy Chairperson

Moris Ferretti

Risk Management

Fabrizio Tucci

Corporate Affairs

Massimiliano Abramo

Corporate Social
ResponsIbility and
Local Committees

Selina Xerra

Internal Audit
e Compliance

Roberto Cogorno

* Gianni Vittorio Armani held the position of CEO and General Manager of IREN S.p.A. until 12 June 2023. Following his resignation, in order to ensure stability and continuity of business management, the Board of Directors of IREN S.p.A. met on the same date and applied the current contingency plan, which contains guidance on the allocation of powers among other executive directors (Chairman and Vice-President) within the time necessary for identification, in compliance with the prerogatives reserved to the Syndicate Committee of the Shareholders' Agreement in force between public shareholders, a new CEO.


Organisational chart of the governance system

Organisational chart of the governance system



ESG Strategic Integration Committee

The integration and monitoring of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors, from strategic planning to the management and monitoring of the Group’s activities, is entrusted to the ESG Strategic Integration Committee. The Committee is responsible for analysing scenarios, regulatory environment, risks and opportunities to integrate sustainability into strategy and processes, analysing the Group’s ESG positioning and proposing improvement initiatives, evaluating periodic results and progress in ESG integration policies, and disseminating the culture of sustainability.

The Committee consists of: Administration, Finance and Control Manager, Procurement, Logistics and Services Manager, Manager of CEO Office, Communications Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Committees Manager, Personnel, Organisation and Information Systems Manager, Risk Management Manager, Head of Finance and Credit Policy, Head of Investor Relations and Head of Planning and Control. 


Sustainable Finance Committee

The Sustainable Finance Committee is responsible for defining the sustainable finance framework and is formed to identify and select investments, activities and projects deemed eligible for access to sustainable finance instruments, monitor the progress of financed projects/activities and ensure the proper management of the process throughout the life of the financing.

The Sustainable Finance Committee consists of: Administration, Finance and Control Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Committees Manager, Head of Planning and Control, Head of Finance and Credit Policy, Head of Financial Management and Sustainable Finance and Head of Investor Relations.