Value to our stakeholders 

Dialogue with stakeholders

Communication, together with the ability to listen and participation are the fundamental tools of the relationship between the Group and its stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is crucial both for managing activities and for outlining the Group’s sustainable development strategies.

Local Committees

Local Committees represent an innovative channel for dialogue, discussion and planning between the Iren Group and all local community stakeholders regarding the company’s services and issues of environmental and social sustainability.


A real working tool to collect ideas, proposals, comments and observations with one goal: to improve the Group’s services by designing, together with citizens, innovative solutions and for a sustainable development of the territory.

The Committees are set up on a provincial basis and correspond to the geographical areas where Iren services are provided.

Value creation for the company and stakeholders

The Board of Directors is responsible for sustainable development through the definition of strategies, objectives, action plans and the allocation of investments. The Group’s Business Units and Departments are responsible for achieving the objectives of the Business Plan by deploying the human and economic resources provided for in the plan. The Group’s objective is to grow sustainably to ensure resilience and competitiveness and to continue to generate value for stakeholders.

1,780 mln €

added value generated to the Group in 2023

Sustainable finance 

Sustainable finance represents a very significant lever to support the investment plan envisaged in Iren Group’s Strategic Plan to achieve the planned sustainability objectives.

ESG Indices and Ratings 

ESG ratings support investors by identifying risks and opportunities regarding sustainability strategy within their investment portfolio and by developing sustainable investment strategies.