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Iren established on 16 October 2015, a bond issue program called "Euro Medium Term Notes" (EMTN), filed with the Irish Stock Exchange. Initially approved for an amount of 1 billion Euro, the program has been adjusted over the various years bringing the total maximum value to the current 4 billion Euro. The bonds to be issued under the Program will be placed with institutional investors.


The adoption of the EMTN program is part of the Iren Group's financial strategy aimed at constant flexibility and optimisation of its financial structure and allows it to take advantage of favourable bond market windows in a timely manner.





















Programme EMTN

3° Supplement EMTN 2023

2° Supplement EMTN 2023

1° Supplement EMTN 2023

2023 Programme EMTN € 4,0 billion

3° Supplement EMTN 2022

2° Supplement EMTN 2022

1° Supplement EMTN 2022

2022 Programme EMTN € 4,0 billion

1° Supplement EMTN 2020

2020 Programme EMTN € 4,0 billion

3° Supplement EMTN 2019

2° Supplement EMTN 2019

1° Supplement EMTN 2019

2019 Programme EMTN € 2,5 billion

1° Supplement EMTN 2017

2017 Programme EMTN € 2,0 billion

2016 Programme EMTN € 1,5 billion

2015 Programme EMTN € 1 billion

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